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Romania Color is about people. Here you can meet extraordinary people with their long-time preserved traditions and their daily customs. You can learn about the leading figures that have influenced the history of this country and also about the personalities who have contributed to Romanian culture and science and world-wide too. You can discover the music sung here, from the folk music and dances to the classical or commercial one.

Romania Color is about places. You can discover wonderful landscapes with high mountains, pristine forests, adventurous fast rivers, amazing lakes and a beautiful unique Delta. Also, here there are amazing cities that are waiting for you to go all over; places full of history that will make you feel at home, places where you will be mesmerized.

Romania Color is about opportunities. Once you get to know these beautiful places and their wonderful people you will need to experience more: the mountainous paths, the winding walks along the Danube Delta or going biking along the villages of Transylvania. Likewise, you can find out business opportunities that will provoke you make important decisions about. Here you can also treat medical problems while enjoying a beautiful vacation. And if you want to participate in cultural events, keep in mind that in Romania there are held a lot of festivals like George Enescu International Festival (Bucharest), one of the most famous and prestigious in Romania and in the world, Untold Festival (Cluj-Napoca) or Sighişoara Medieval Festival (Sighişoara). And if you prefer to participate in sport events here you can have the starting point.

Romania Color is about meeting people, places and opportunities.

Romania Color is about you.

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Castles and citadels

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