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IRUM Company Reghin presented its new agricultural tractor called TAGRO (name inspired by Tractor AGricol ROmânesc) at the biggest agricultural event in Romania, Indagra International Fair.

This tractor is 100% designed and built by IRUM's engineers at the Research and Development Center for Agricultural and Forestry Equipment - IFOR, part of the group. It has been three years since the design began and today the prototype of the first TAGRO agricultural tractor was presented. The production of the tractor will start in April 2019.

Produced in 3 power variants (86HP, 95HP and 102HP), the new tractor is intended for small and medium-sized farms that need agricultural equipment that is strong enough and also reliable and easy to maintain. It is a small, compact, easy-to-use, all-wheel drive tractor. It is a modern tractor, includes all the necessary equipment and has been tested both in Romania and Italy to demonstrate its qualities and capabilities. It will be available starting in 2019, both in Romania and in other countries.

IRUM Reghin estimates production and sales in the first year of 200 tractors, 300 tractors in 2020 and reaching 500 tractors in 2021. The price of a TAGRO tractor is starting at 34,500 Euros. The annual sales of new tractors on the Romanian market are currently about 2,500 units.

The IRUM factory was founded in 1953 to repair machinery and agricultural and forestry machinery. In 1969, IRUM began the production of forestry tractors. In 2010, IRUM began production of agricultural tractors based on a Belarusian license, succeeding today to design and produce its first, 100% Romanian agricultural tractor.

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