The Arch of Triumph in Bucharest

"After centuries of painful sufferings, all Christianly endured, and a harsh struggle for the preservation of the nation, after the all the sacrifices in defending human civilization, justice finally came for the Romanian people by the sword of King Ferdinand, with the help of the entire nation and the thought of Queen Mary" reads an inscription on the Southern side of the Arch of Triumph.

The Arch of Triumph is a symbolic monument of Bucharest, built between 1921 and 1922 (restored in 1935 -1936), commemorating Romania's victory in the First World War. It is the symbol of the national unity of Romania, and on its West side one can read "Glory to those who, with their qualities and their blood sacrifice, have achieved the national unity".

The first documented construction in the genre of a triumphal arc made in Bucharest was in 1848, in the memory of the Revolution of that year, but with only a temporary destination, as well as the following constructions of this kind made in 1859 - The Union of the Romanian Principalities, 1878 - after the victory of Romania in the War of Independence, 1906 - at the jubilee of the 40th anniversary of King Carol I.

Along with the Coronation Cathedral in Alba Iulia, the Mausoleum in Marasesti, the Cross of Heroes on Mount Caraiman, the Mausoleum and the Tomb of the Unknown Hero in the Carol Park, the Arch of Triumph is one of the monuments commemorating Romania's participation in the First World War on the Allies’ side, at the end of which almost all the territories inhabited by Romanians were rounded up, for the first time, within one border line.

The Arch of Triumph was built by the original design by architect Petre Antonescu. It has a height of 27m, a rectangular shape, with a single opening on the North - South axis. It is made of the famous marble of Ruschiţa, and the bas-reliefs were carved by Romanian and Italian sculptors.

The Arch of Triumph houses a small museum, which can be visited only on special occasions. Visitors can see four exhibitions: The Great War of the Reunion of the Nation (Photo and Film), Heraldry of the Great Boier Families (bronze effigies, photographs), The Arch of Triumph in Images (photographs, models), The Great Union of 1918 (crowns and royal scepter reproduced, photos) and can climb to the upper terrace.

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