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Banat is a geographical and historical region of the central part of Europe that extends between the borders of three countries: Romania, Serbia and Hungary. In Romania it occupies approximately two thirds of the total area, in Serbia one third more or less and in Hungary 1%.

The name Banat derives from the name of those who during the Medieval Period used to rule a border province: the ban. After the different periods of occupation (Bulgarian, Hungarian, Ottoman, Austrian),

Banat was divided at the end of World War I by virtue of ethnic criteria between the three national states of Romania, Serbia and Hungary.

The natural boundaries of Banat are the rivers Mureş to the north, the river Danube to the south, the river Tisza to the west and the southern Carpathians to the east (the massifs Poiana Ruscă and Retezat).

Banat is a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional region that integrates different ethnic groups together with their customs and traditions.

Among the personalities that Banat has given to the world stands out the Romanian inventor Traian Vuia (Surducu Mic, 1872 - Bucharest, 1950), a pioneer of world aviation. It is Traian Vuia who designs, builds and manages to fly the first self-propelled airplane heavier than air, obtaining in 1903 the patent of his invention: the airplane. In 1906, near Paris, Traian Vuia realizes the first world flight in an airplane with its own systems of takeoff, jet propulsion and landing.

In Banat there are numerous unforgettable places that are worth visiting. Here there are castles, mansions, historic buildings, cathedrals, monuments and statues, national parks, resorts and spas.

- The Băile Herculane Spa Resort,
- The Danube Gorge
- Tthe Cheile Nerei-Beuşniţa Reserve
- The Semenic-Cheile Caraşului Natural Park
- The Oraviţa-Anina Railway
- The Bigăr waterfall
- The lake and the cave of Buhui
are among the most stunning and noteworthy.

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Castles and citadels

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