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The Vaivoda of Moldavia Roman I Muşat issued an act in 1392 by which he left proof of his giving to Ionaş Viteazul of three villages on the banks of the river Siret "up to that great beechwood ...". The voice "bucovina" was the common name to designate the land of beech trees. The territory was part of the Principality of Moldavia and was known under the name of "the Upper Country". Taking advantage of the Russo-Turkish war between 1768-1774, the Austrian Empire invaded in 1774 and annexed the northwestern part of Moldavia to its zones of control and influence. In 1849 the province gained autonomy becoming officially the Duchy of Bukovina.

On October 23rd, 1918, the Council of the Bukovina Country, under the presidency of the politician Iancu Flondor, decided the separation from Austria and the union with Rumania within its historical confines.

On June 28th, 1940, following the implementation of the secret arrangements in the Ribbentrop-Mólotov Pact and also because of the Soviet ultimatum, the northern part of Bukovina along with Bessarabia was annexed to the Soviet Union.

Among the personalities of Bucovina stands out the Romanian composer Ciprian Porumbescu (Şipotele Sucevei, 1853 - Stupca/Ciprian Porumbescu, 1883). His most popular songs are Ballad for violin and orchestra op.29, the operetta New Moon (Crai Nou) and his patriotic hymn Song of the Tricolor (Tricolorul).

Bukovina is one of the most visited regions of Romania for the beauty of its mountainous landscapes, its rolling hills covered by endless forests, its medieval monasteries whose walls reveal a unique pictorial art. Also, for the conservation over time of traditions and gastronomy.

Among the most emblematic landmarks of Bukovina we can mention:
- the Painted Monasteries and Churches (UNESCO World Heritage)
- the Suceava Citadel
- the Vatra Dornei Resort
- the Suceava Ethnographic Museum
- the Dragomirna Monastery,
- the Cacica Salt Mine
- the Chapel of Daniel the Hermit.

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Castles and citadels

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