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After running for 2,858 km, the Danube river flows into the Black Sea forming the Danube Delta.

At the end of its course, the Danube splits into three main branches. The first fork is right upstream from the city of Tulcea, where the Chilia branch points North, as the longest of the three (120 km) and carrying approximately 60% of the water debit. A little downstream from Tulcea the river splists once more. The Sulina branch is the shortest with only 64 km, runs quite straight and has been improved to be used for sailing. The works took from 1862 to 1902, have shortened the branch from 93 to 64 km and doubled its debit to 18% of the total today. The Saint Gheorghe branch, the Southermost one, is 108 km long and takes 24% of the water flow.

The Danube Delta has an area of 3,443 km2 and is the second largest in Europe. It is the best preserved delta in Europe and in 1991 was included in the UNESCO world heritage as a biosphere reservation.

The flora of the Delta includes over 2,000 tree and plant species. The fauna here excedes 2,500 species of insects, molluscs, reptiles, amphibiens and mammals. But it is the birds and the fish that provide the lovers of wilderness the most memorable moments in this area. There are over 360 species of birds and 45 species of fresh water fish. The largest pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) colony in Europe is to be found in the Danube Delta, over 18,500 individuals, as well as 60% of the world’s population of small cormorants (Phalacrocorax pygmeus), and 50% of world’s population of red neck goose (branta ruficollis). One can find here, in the waters of the Delta, the largest fresh water fish – the sturgeon (Huso huso). This species, as old as the dinosaurs, may live up to 100 years and can grow larger than a bus.

Among the mammals here there are bores, foxes, otters, minks, ermines, hares, golden jackals and a lot more. The white tail eagle is one of the special birds found here.

One of the most amazing things in the Danube Delta is the presence of a large herd of wild horses, made of animals set free or who ran lose from the locals as early as 600 years ago. As many as 400 to 600 of them are believed to be running free here now.

The Danube Delta is a place nature lovers seek and where they find unique places that excede their expectations.

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