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Water lilies are the most meaningful flowers in mythology, symbolizing the power of creation, immortality, health, glory, or peace of mind. They have always been admired for their special looks, with white, yellow or pink flowers, with large leaves floating on the water surface. You can find plenty of their unique beauty in the channels of the Danube Delta, making lilies one of its symbols, as well.

Water lilies are aquatic plants of the Nymphaeaceae family and come in over 50 varieties.

They are perennials (rarely being annual plants) living in ponds, lakes or flowing waters. With long stems stuck in the mud on the bottom of the water, the lilies have two types of leaves. One type is the underwater leaves and the other are the floating leaves on the surface of the water having air chambers, heart-shaped and with a long petiole. The flowers are frequently aromatic, have petals in different colors and are placed on several rows.

Water lilies need a lot of sunshine, at least six or seven hours a day to grow, and sunshine must fall directly on the plant, which is why it does not grow near the shores where it could to be overshadowed by willows or other types of vegetation.

White water lily (Nymphaea alba) is the most frequent species of water lily in our country, and its flowers are enjoyed from June until September.

Another species found in the Danube Delta is the yellow lily (Nuphar lutea). Its bright yellow flowers are very fragrant.

Thermal water lily (Nymphaea lotus thermalis) is an endemic species that grows only in the warm waters of the Petea Stream flowing in the Baile 1 Mai spa resort (near the city of Oradea). This place has been declared a natural reserve. The thermal water lily was discovered in 1789. It was declared a monument of nature in 1931. It also grows in the center of the spa resort Baile Felix (also located near Oradea), in a lake with thermal water, a nature reserve in the middle of the city. These water lilies are white-yellow and have a discreet fragrance. Unlike other water lilies, the flowers of the thermal lilies open in the evenings and close in the mornings, at about 10 o'clock.

Water lilies are plants protected by law in Romania.

Romania Color will be with you both in the Danube Delta and at Baile 1 Mai / Felix, so you can admire the lilies.

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