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At the heart of the Dealu Mare wine-growing region, on the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, in an oasis of tranquility, the sunny hills of Budureasca vineyards rise - an ancient place with deep roots in the history and wine culture. The archaeological evidence found nearby suggests that this place has a rich tradition in winemaking, as old as since the Dacians were here.

Budureasca has been the home for multimilenary life and culture since the Middle Paleolithic and the early pre-Neolithic, then Neolithic, throughout the period of the Thracian bronze and iron civilizations, to the Geto-Dacians, and the time of the formation of the Romanian people: from the free Dacians and the Daco-Romans, to the early Romanians.

Budureasca Valley is located in the lowest sub-Carpathian hills, 30 km E-N-E from Ploiesti. The terraces of the Budureasca River hold 31 archaeological sites, the most dense ancient human group from old Dacia.

Moreover, even ancient historians speak in their writings about wines produced in this region. For example, Homer mentioned in his writings that "the Greek warriors entered Thrace to find wine."

It is well known that, at the advice of his high priest, the Dacian king Burebista decided to cut down the vines. It is less well known that he made this decision not only to reduce wine consumption but, above all, to reduce interest in the Dacian territories.

The fact that the language spoken today still retains some Dacian terms such as barrel, grape, or tendril is proof of the importance given by locals to the growing of grapevines.

At present, Budureasca wines are known and appreciated for their unique characteristics and flavors, and for the modern wine-making techniques, adapted to today’s requirements. On these hills, among the vestiges of ancient Dacian civilizations in Budureasca Valley, wines are produced in full respect for nature, for the drink itself and especially for the consumers’ demands.

From the noble inheritance of these hills, the pride, simplicity and honesty have been preserved. For truly noble Romanian wines.

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