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On August 20, 1968, the Pitesti Automobile Factory (UAP) was inaugurated, the place where the first car was produced in Romania. This was due to an agreement between the Romanian government and the French car manufacturer Renault.

The first car that came out of the gates of the plant was Dacia 1100 (photo intro) and was built based on a license of Renault’s R8 model. A year later, the Dacia 1300 model came, which was to become the basic model of the brand for almost three decades, and manufactured in many variants - sedan, station wagen, pick-up, and even transformed into a two-door sports version.

After the expiry of the Renault license, in 1979, the Dacia manufacturer began its own development program, coming up with eight innovative models. Dacia Nova, launched in 1995, was the first model entirely designed and manufactured in Romania.

On July 2, 1999, the company's privatization contract was signed, and Dacia became a trademark of the Renault Group.

Over 50 years, Dacia has produced more than 6 million cars.

Today, Dacia is the largest company in Romania with a turnover of over 5 billion Euros in 2017 and has an annual production of 350,000 vehicles, most of them exported, to 44 countries on four continents.

Today Dacia produces seven models: Duster (the photo article), which is also the most successful in the range, Logan, Logan MCV, Sandero - all made at the Romanian plant - and Lodgy, Dokker, and Dokker Van produced in Tanger, Morocco.

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